Will APOHEALTH products be as effective as the brand I’ve always used?

Simply put, yes. APOHEALTH products work in the same way as well-known brands. All medicines sold in Australian pharmacies are approved by the Australian government and must meet the same strict quality standards. With APOHEALTH, you could save you and your family money whilst still using a quality product.

Where can I buy APOHEALTH products?

APOHEALTH will be available from a growing number of leading pharmacies across Australia. Come back soon to use our Store Locator page to learn what pharmacies close to you stock APOHEALTH.

What is the difference between a PHARMACY ONLY MEDICINE and a PHARMACIST ONLY MEDICINE?

Pharmacy Only Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines can both be purchased without a prescription, however you’ll need the advice of your Pharmacist before you can buy a Pharmacist Only Medicine. Your local community Pharmacist can help you with a wide range of everyday health issues. Not all medicines need a prescription so you could save time by visiting your local community pharmacy.


APOHEALTH is a wide range of quality & value medicines, available without a prescription from leading pharmacies across Australia. The APOHEALTH brand includes medicines to treat everyday health issues, such as the symptoms of Pain; Children’s Pain & Fever; Cough, Cold & Flu; and Hayfever & Allergies, as well as numerous Personal Care and Digestive Health medicines. Watch out for new quality & value medicines in the near future.